Sept. 5 Still Target for Berea Municipal Building Completion

citybdg2It’s now just a matter of weeks until the Berea Municipal Police and Fire Safety Building is finished, according to city officials. September 5 is still the target date for completion of the facility, which will be home to administrative offices and Berea’s first responders.

citybdg4After completing the brick fronting, workmen were seen this week placing stone on the front façade.

citybdg3Drywall is being installed at a rapid pace, and the offices inside the structure are beginning to take shape. Officials estimate more than half of the drywall has already been completed.

citybdg7A lot of work went into the finishing of the fire station this week, both inside the three-truck bay and the exterior brick work. In addition, sprinklers are being installed in the building.


citybdg1Much of the roof has been installed so far, and electrical wiring is being completed on the second floor. Crews have also begun installing windows in the building.

citybdg5The completion of the new fire station is expected to help lower insurance rates for residents and local business owners, and needed upgrades in training facilities and living quarters for the Berea Fire Department will put the city in a better position to recruit and retain firefighters.

The Berea Police Department will benefit from the building’s enhanced security, since the design will allow for tighter control of suspects, as well as greater security and privacy for citizens needing to make a complaint or consult with a police officer. Additionally, the improvements could help the city to hire more female first responders, since upgrades in living quarters and locker rooms in the facility will better accommodate women.


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